Sunday, August 27, 2017

NASPH 2017 Conference Papers

The submitted conference papers for the 2017 meeting of NASPH are available below. We encourage participants to read them in advance in order to facilitate discussion.

Paul Fairfield, "Hermeneutic Pragmatism"

Greg Lynch, "'Contemporaneous with Each Present Time:'
                     Gadamer on Understanding Across Contexts"

Carlos Davia, "Gadamer's Ethics: A Sketch"

Meili Steele, Hermeneutics and the Political: A New Language for Normative Debate"

David Liakos, "Gadamer, Renaissance Humanism, and Perspective in Painting"

Carolyn Culbertson, "From Modern Medical Science to the Art of Healing:
                                  Gadamer and Heidegger on the Critique of Modern Health Care"


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